Sarah Lake - Stylist

Sarah joined the StylaPet team in April 2014 after spending 12 years at a busy Naperville salon. Her grooming career spans more than 20 years and she spent several years in the competitive grooming arena. She’s won numerous awards, including Best All-Around Groomer at the H.H. Backer show in Chicago. 

Sarah has always been an animal lover, and took her mother seriously when, as a child, she was told, “When you grow up and have your own house, you can have as many animals as you want, but in this house, we have two.” Someone should have warned her husband! Sarah has five dogs and four cats, all rescued! She has been an advocate for animal rescue for years, and has fostered numerous dogs and puppies. After three foster failures, her husband said, “no more fostering dogs!” 

When she’s not taking care of her clients at the shop, Sarah can be found at home with her human family, which includes her husband, four teens and her littlest one, a baby welcomed in 2017. She loves to hike, read, research, and recently completed her education in aromatherapy.

Since moving to Crystal Lake in June 2019, we are happy to still have Sarah here with us at StylaPet on Tuesday and Wednesday nights!