Photo Courtesy of: Silver Castle Studios

Photo Courtesy of: Silver Castle Studios

Heather Hudson, CPAe - Owner/Stylist

Heather, having always had the dream to open her own luxury pet salon, opened StylaPet Dog Spa in June of 2010. She is a strong believer in the importance of creating a safe and comfortable environment for both pet and owner and the effect this has on the overall experience for the animal. By providing a soothing atmosphere, she works daily to bring a personalized feel to the whole grooming process. As a Certified Pet Aesthetician, Heather uses only the highest quality products in her salon and specializes in restoring the health of the skin so that it can do its job as natural protective barrier for your dog!

When not styling dogs at StylaPet, Heather travels the country competing in grooming competitions and dog shows. Always an advocate for continuing education, she never stops learning and pushing herself in her goal to be the best pet stylist she can be. In 2017, Heather finished as the #12 groomer in the country and the #2 competitive groomer in IL!

Heather shares her home with several dogs of her own. She has a special love for Portuguese Water Dogs and Lakeland Terriers and particularly loves spending her weekends traveling to dog shows with her Lakeland Terrier, Gizzy, who finished 2017 as the #10 Lakeland Terrier in the country and #5 owner handled Lakeland Terrier.

Photo Courtesy of: Sheena Pinkerman Photography

Photo Courtesy of: Sheena Pinkerman Photography

Sarah Lake - Stylist

Sarah joined the StylaPet team in April 2014 after spending 12 years at a busy Naperville salon. Her grooming career spans more than 20 years and she spent several years in the competitive grooming arena. She’s won numerous awards, including Best All-Around Groomer at the H.H. Backer show in Chicago. 

Sarah has always been an animal lover, and took her mother seriously when, as a child, she was told, “When you grow up and have your own house, you can have as many animals as you want, but in this house, we have two.” Someone should have warned her husband! Sarah has five dogs and four cats, all rescued! She has been an advocate for animal rescue for years, and has fostered numerous dogs and puppies. After three foster failures, her husband said, “no more fostering dogs!” Now she volunteers regularly with M & M Acres, a privately funded farm animal rescue in Lockport, IL, where she can’t bring the animals home. 

When she’s not taking care of her clients at the shop, Sarah can be found at home with her human family, which includes her husband, four teens and her littlest one, a baby welcomed in 2017. She loves to hike, read, research, and recently completed her education in aromatherapy.



Here are some of our favorite people and places for pets!

Health Care

Colonial Manor Animal Hospital - This local veterinary clinic has been Heather's choice of vet for her pack for many years. The doctors and staff are friendly and knowledgeable and many of our clients love their modern approach to veterinary medicine including on-site orthopedic surgery and rehabilitation.


Rimkunas Home Veterinary Services - Sarah and many of her clients love the ease and convenience offered by Dr. John's in-home veterinary services. He can handle everything including: vaccinations, well visits, complex medical cases and end of life care. Sarah always says it's like having your very own James Harriot.


King Veterinary Chiropractic - Heather and Sarah both can't say enough about Katie and her canine chiropractic services! She visits StylaPet monthly to give life altering chiropractic adjustments to our staffs pets and she can help your pet also! Just contact Dr. Katie and she can let you know the next time she is scheduled to be at StylaPet Dog Spa!



Tucker's Doggie Delights - This wonderful store is full of great people ready to help your pet get on the right food. Their amazing selection and knowledge of the different foods they carry means they have something for every pet. Heather and many of her clients have been shopping here for years!